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Before you apply…

We’d love to have you live in our community and we’re glad that you’ve decided to complete an application. However, before you go wasting your hard-earned money on application fees, let’s clarify a few things:

● We absolutely will run a credit and background check as well as confirm your current housing and employment.

● If you have convictions for a serious offense (drugs, violence, sex, etc.) or have had a problem with a landlord in the last 5 years that was not completely resolved (we will call), you do not meet our credit standards.

● You must have a job or another steady and verifiable source of income to meet our credit standards.

● Our move-in costs are the prorated first month’s rent plus a refundable security deposit (varies by property and your specific situation).  These must be paid at move-in.

● We charge $50 per adult to run your credit and background check. This must be paid before your application will be processed.

If you don’t pay all application fees after you complete the application, your application is incomplete and will not be processed.

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