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Before you apply...

We'd love to have you live in our community and we're glad that you've decided to complete an application. However, before you go wasting your hard-earned money on application fees, let's clarify a few things:

● We absolutely will run a credit and background check as well as confirm your current housing and employment.

● If you have convictions for a serious offense (drugs, violence, sex, etc.) or have a pending charge for any of these crimes or have been evicted in the last 5 years for any reason, you do not meet our rental standards.  See our Rental Screening Policy here:  Rental Screening Policy

● You must have a job or another steady and verifiable source of income to meet our credit standards.

● Our move-in costs are the prorated first month's rent, plus a refundable security deposit (varies by property and your specific situation).  These must be paid at move-in.

● We do not require that you maintain renter's liability insurance, however we highly recommend it.  If your personal belongings are destroyed in a fire or other disaster, their replacement is not covered in our insurance.  It's cheap and comprehensive insurance; get it.

● We charge $50 per adult to run your credit and background check. This must be paid before your application will be processed.

● If you don't pay the all application fees after you complete the application, your application will not be processed.

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